Buona Festa, it is festival time in my hometown!

Autumn in the eastern part of the United States is dedicated to outside festivals and I will be attending one of my favorite hometown festival some time today and look forward to drinking a homemade glass of red wine and eating delicious food from local restaurants and deli shops, not to mention, dancing, singing and encountering old friends with a cheek to cheek kiss (the greeting South Philadelphians welcome each other) whether it’s been many years or just days, we are quite a gregarious and affectionate bunch!

It is an annual affair to attend the St. Nicholas of Tolentine Italian Festival, (http://www.stnicksitalianfestival.com) held in a still very much traditional and old fashioned parish and neighborhood of South Philadelphia, where I was born and raised.

festival dancers

I attended this tiny, mostly blue-collar, Italian-Catholic elementary school (where the festival is held) from kindergarten to eighth grade and feel blessed to be able to return to my childhood every so often. What sweet memories of both my classmates and teachers I have collected over the years that helped to mold the person I am today.

Parade of the SaintsMy beautiful little church

I make the hour trip back “home” faithfully to join good friends from the neighborhood along with our children, whom have become an important element of this joyous event! It is a surreal experience to watch them enjoying the same activities and traditions handed down to us by our parents and neighbors.

Today, although the some of the traditions of the festival have remained intact, it has flourished into a diverse melting pot of nationalities and newer faces that make it all much more exciting to see it grow and continue to give pleasure for years to come!

And so we mark the date on our calendar, rain or shine and drag our daughters down with us and although they are not old enough to drive or party into the night, they may wander the few, short city block radius of my hometown with our blessing, as we enjoy some much needed quality time with a few hundred of our closest friends!

Saluti, everyone and Buona Domenica!


September 22 is National White Chocolate Day

Missed a chance to celebrate National White Chocolate Day! Anyone who has known me or truly knows me is aware of my love of white chocolate, even if it is not considered, “chocolate”! White chocolate bunnies never stood a chance at my house for Easter!

Almond and Pomegranate swirl Meringues

Anyone who knows me will tell you I adore pretty things and have a bit of a sweet tooth! So when I came across this wonderful recipe for Almond and Pomegranate Swirl Meringues from Silvia’s Cucina, I could not resist but to pass this along to my friends! I look forward to making these for the holidays or a birthday party! Thank you for allowing me to share the recipe for this delectable looking dessert!

Silvia Colloca


My undeniable attraction for whipped egg whites has struck again! Yes, I am not new to posts dedicated to the ineffable and weightless world of meringues. The truth is that I can barely contain my excitement when recipes call for egg yolks only because I know I can turn the leftover whites into whimsical, frothy creations, so irresistible in their snow white perfection, or eager to be enriched by a vibrant touch of pink. And if you don’t feel confident whipping a batch of these, here are my top tips on meringue making:

1. Make sure your egg whites are at room temperature

2. Mix them in a clean and dry bowl

3. Add a pinch of salt to encourage the frothing action

4. Don’t over whip

5. Weigh the egg whites (I know, a little bit of a pain in the neck, but well worth it)

6. Be patient, bake them…

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Eight things I learned from travel

Great post on traveling! My heart has always been a wandering nomad, although I live quite an ordinary sedentary life, I look forward to the day that I may pack a few things and “see the world”!

Life After Liquidity

Travel Cover

As I write this post I am sitting in the Caltrain, passing through various suburbs of the San Francisco Bay peninsula on my way to the city. It’s comforting to be surrounded by so many familiar sites once again.

My wife and I have had quite a journey: 17 countries, dozens of cities, and countless airports/train stations/bus stations. We’ve witnessed both staggeringly beautiful phenomena (Northern Lights in the Yukon Territories) and horrifying moments (a mob beating up some dude in the streets of Istanbul) along the way. Fortunately, my wife and I came out the other end of our trip completely safe and with a lifetime of memories.

I’ve delayed writing this post as long as I could; it’s been taking me a while to process what I’ve learned from this trip. The short answer is: a lot.

I may not be able to cover all the lessons I’ve learned…

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Bruschetta Much?

An arugula, tenderloin, gorganzola-focaccia feast.


My version of Brio Tuscan Grille’s  http://www.brioitalian.com 

 Sliced Steak Bruschetta  Arugula/Tenderloin/Gorganzola cheese on focaccia bread.

Anything with gorgonzola cheese has my full attention and devotion. Add tenderloin and Italian bread, I turn to mush!

The arugula is lightly dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette. The bed of greens holds the the tenderloin and gorgonzola with a modest amount of parmigiano reggiano tossed in for just the right combination of bite size  tang and meat flavor.

Earlier this year, I tasted this dish for the first time at Brio Tuscan Grille Restaurant. a trendy, casual-fun eatery at the exclusive Promenade Shopping Center in Marlton, New Jersey, while on a shopping tryst with a good friend.

She was kind enough to treat me and I was excited to try something I had not tasted before with all my favorite flavors. It turned out to be a win situation for me!

Itching to imitate the dish and even claim it for my own, I added chopped bits of sundried tomatoes for color and in my opinion, it jump kicked the flavor up a notch! The dish made its debut as a party appetizer served to good friends and a lovely evening was had by all!

Labor Day: My Tribute to the Defender of the Laborer.

Delores Huertes

Happy Labor Day, American workers and beyond!

Today, as I reflect what the meaning of this holiday truly means, in addition to it being of one of the final days of my community service that involves fulltime feeding frenzies, entertaining, chauffeuring and refereeing two teenagers with a strong sense of entitlement, but who’s whining?

I did some “digging” and found a little gem or rather a big diamond in the rough named Delores Huerta.

In my research for some quick answers, before the house becomes a hotel with high maintenance clients beckoning for my services, I discovered a role model and super-hero for the rights of the working man.

A woman after my own heart; defender of the immigrant man and the farm laborer, Delores Huerta, born April 10, 1930 in the mining town of Dawson,New Mexico was inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame for 2012. “>http://www.dol.gov/oasam/programs/hallofhonor/2012_huerta.htm

This unsung hero dedicated her life to helping the men and women who harvest America’s fields and has been an activist for migrant farm workers since the early 1960’s.

She organized a national grape boycott protesting the dangers of pesticides on grape pickers, which encouraged and required the entire California grape industry to recognize and revamp their practices. Huerta successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements for farm workers to secure better wages and working conditions in the state of California.

By orchestrating non-violent protests she demonstrated that workers have the power and responsibility to work together in to improve their lives.

Huertes is also an advocate for world peace and the rights of immigrants, women, minorities, at-risk youth and LGBT Americans.

I am in awe and the only thought I could muster is “You go girl”!

I have included some links of interest for Delores Huerta and the Department of Labor for you to look at after the barbeque and beach outing, of course!


Eggplant Timbale

eggplant timbale italiancitygirl

Yes! It is as delicious and intriguing as it looks!

Not a big fan of the infamous eggplant parmigiana as my Italian family and friends claim. So when I spotted this eggplant appetizer on the menu of the Dogtooth Bar and Grill, one steamy, summer night,in Wildwood, New Jersey,  the timbale tower peaked my interest.

Before you cast me as an imposter Italian, let me explain: while I enjoy the cheese and fried/baked eggplant, I don’t care so much for the red sauce the  eggplant parmigiana usually swims in. (I said it, but I will deny this statement to my nonna…or any nonna for that matter)

The romantic in me always knew there was a soulmate out there, with exactly the same taste! Could someone else have developed an affinity for fried eggplant and cheese sans all the red stuff? I am in love with eggplant, all over again!

The eggplant timbale is my new way of eating this all too familiar and (maybe somewhat over done) nightshade vegetable. http://www.livestrong.com/article/367949-list-of-nightshade-vegetables-fruits/

This dish from the appetizer section of the Dogtooth’s menu is served stacked on a bed of arugula with a balsamic vinegar reduction oozing down the sides to complement the greens. Sandwiched in between the eggplant is a slice of buffalo mozzarella and a brush stroke of tomato marinara to adhere each layer.

The Dogtooth itself is a funspot for the shore crowd with its medley of craft beers and mixed concoctions to quench your thirst as well as some interesting bar and grill food to satisfy the munchies for lunch and dinner. Host to different summer bands and activities such as Karaoke and other musical games, it is as entertaining as it will be satisfying!

I consented to eating there with friends, because I liked the name (big time dog lover-here) but have since returned for the always-friendly service and good food.

Don’t take my word for it! Check out their website for more information: