Love is in the Details. Rustic themed Wedding Cardholder

Burlap Wedding Cardholder

photo (1)The smallest details about your wedding is a signature of your personality and it allows your style to shine through.

Burlap box on wood

Even a simple element such as a place to house monetary gifts is an example of a personal touch that can be appreciated by your guests. It is not uncommon for the bride to want a customized look to complete a vision for her “big” day!


The challenge was to embellish this white stark box for a Southern bride that I never met.

The only piece of information, other than it was not her first time at the hitching post (for both parties) was a lone photograph of a lovely burlap lace buttercream rose and pearl studded wedding cake that was supplied by her very gracious and most grateful (because she did not want to play with glue and pearls) future mother-in- law.

Bare Wedding Box

Pictured above is what I was given to work magic. It’s frightening what the masses consider sufficient materials to cover a box. REALLY!  The best wedding genie in the world could not transform with this meager inventory.

Wedding Cake

The photograph of the cake trimmed in burlap, pearls, lace and adorned with burlap flowers. Inspiration for the box.

 Armed with my cell phone filled with images of downloaded store coupons from Michael’s Craft Store ( and AC Moore Store, ( I prepared to do some serious hunting for burlap,  pearl and silk embellishments.

And did I ever find some sweet deals on time saving adhesive pearls,  burlap premade flowers and wide burlap ribbon and trim from the Recollections line. ( at Michaels’s Crafts (

Definitely, a crafters dream to peruse all those findings.

Some few hours or days, I lost track of the time engrossed in the many uses of Modge Podge,  and a couple scorched fingers later, I found myself with a somewhat presentable wedding cardholder for the blissful pair and elated mum-in-law



Although, I don’t consider myself a crafter and my medium of choice is still fresh flowers, I can appreciate the world of embellishments, trim and crafting and admit even I, had a bit of fun while working on this project.

Not a DIY Bride? Don’t fear there’s an app for you!

For the bride that does not find DIY as satisfying or doesn’t know her way around the craft store, don’t sweat it!  There is a whole market of DIYers on

ETSY   that find just this sort of thing thrilling! You can choose from a variety of sellers making and offering their wares for a fair price just for your special day!

 After the Big Day? Check Out This Idea!

What to do with your stuff after the wedding? RECYCLE!

You have a collection of unused or gently used vases, mason jars, trinkets, decorations, signage and do not plan on a repeat performance? There is a wonderful website that you can list your wedding items, recycle your day, for another lucky bride and bring in some extra cash, too!

Ruffled is a comprehensive wedding blog complete with DIY ideas and a whole section for brides to sell their wares after the wedding!




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