Top Wedding Dessert Trends

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Approximately 19 years ago, we almost had to call off our wedding! My fiancé` thought I was absolutely insane for hiring a local baker to make mini-wedding cakes (pictured on the far right-piled in white boxes is faint proof of “victory” from our first major battle ) for my guests to enjoy as favors after the big day.

Fast forward

Almost two decades later, dessert trends for weddings and events are taking high priority in the planning and executing of the big day and when it comes to creativity- anything goes.

Oh! My younger twenty-something self would have beamed at the possibilities! Gone are the days when the wedding cake was the highlight of dessert.

Although most couples opt to keep the wedding cake and it is still a staple of the traditional wedding, they are adding other attractions as dessert alternatives.

The trend has gone from formal, large wedding cakes to innovative, serve yourself, sweet stations allowing the host more freedom in customizing the desserts to showcase their personal style and flair or just to give guests more to options to choose.

Here are a just a few of the dessert trends that I have come across from working in the industry:

 French Macaroons

Who can resist anything French?

Creative French Macaroons

French sweets made with almond flour, egg whites,  granulated and powdered sugar makes for this delicately dainty confection. The French macaroon (not to be confused with the coconut macaroon) are constructed of two cookies filled with a buttercream, ganache or preserves flavor.

The color palette of macarons is versatile and can be modified to match the décor of the wedding, bride’s dress, etc.

Colorful, mouthwatering flavors, like dark chocolate ganache, red velvet or fun flavors like cotton candy and even orange creamsicle fill the table with a whimsy sweet selection. Both the colors and airy flavors add to the romance and charm of the day!

Candy Bar

No age requirement is necessary for this bar.

Wedding candy bar styled and photograph provided by

Wedding candy bar styled and photograph provided by

Many couples are opting for candy bars, which can also serve as favors for their guests. Some are basic, others are more sophisticated by choosing a theme such as a specialty chocolate buffet, boardwalk amusement park attraction or be a part of the details by matching the colors of the table to the color of the party.

Clear tall and short glass containers of varying heights and widths make the most visual sense.

Candies with wrappers are worth the investment but if you are using confections without, don’t forget to provide plenty of scoopers and tongs to fill those treat bags.

You can use recycled paper with a thank you quote printed on them or get really fancy and invest in linen, muslin, or burlap fabric bags for your guests to recycle. They make great trinket or sachet holders!


Good things can come in small packages!

dessert shooters

Mini cheese cakes, red velvet, chocolate on chocolate mousse stacked or any concoction you can dream of has made its way to the table of sweets.

The tapas of desserts, “minis” are exciting because you get to experiment with a variety of flavors and ideas to suit a variety of tastes. Anything goes when it’s in its miniature form!

Layered strawberry shortcakes served in dessert shot glasses, chocolate-dipped banana split bites or zesty lemon meringue pie will put a spin on traditional desserts and give you that “wow” factor! Modern or vintage glass wear filled with your favorite sweet notions are eye-catching, make an impressive assorted collection and will have your guests wondering which to choose!

 Cookie Bar

Who doesn’t love a cookie?

Cookies bring out the child in us, but there is certainly nothing childish about this beautiful array of desserts.  With so many flavors and shapes, the Cookie bar makes a great presentation.

For DIY brides, these desserts can be made ahead of time and stored for the big day! Aunt Mary’s long cherished cookie recipe can be enjoyed by many!

Creative containers can provide interesting backdrops and scenery. Cake plates and trays of varying heights provide interest to your table! Grab a cookie and dance!

Wedding candy bar styled and photograph provided by<a href=""></a>

Cookie Bar styled and photograph provided by Primrose and Company by

Other Options

RHM Photography

While, cupcake buffets are still popular, there is a whole other diverse world of unexplored desserts for the creative couple.

From pies to  pancakes and waffles to donuts, if you can dream it, I am sure your guests will eat it!

apple pie minis

I have set aside a whole board on my Pinterest (click on the link just below the picture) so that you may find some interesting ideas for your next event when choosing dessert options!

Have fun and remember that anything you choose is an expression of you!

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