Is it Polenta season yet??

 I finally got to make the coveted cornmeal dish but a more than slight variation from the polenta I grew up on. Embellished with ground sausage, crumble of blue cheese and baked is a recipe I stumbled upon from a favorite local spot I happen to enjoy. Italian-American chef Luke Palladino’s recipe for this mouth watering comfort dish can be found as a special at his restaurants or you can try to imitate the dish as I have from the recipe he so graciously shares with his followers.

baked polenta

Favorite Memory- A winter staple in our home, growing up.  My mother would make this in a tall aluminum pot and add cannelloni beans to the polenta topped with red marinara sauce. Leftovers were fried up in a cast iron pan and served as a side dish to any meat entrée the next day. We could not get enough of this cornmeal concoction!

Perhaps it is the two hour dental surgery I experienced today or just the mouth watering edible “works of art” that I see posted daily on Pintrest or preparation for old age- when I can no longer chew solid food. I have a strong craving for some mushy hot polenta.

Visions of a tall pot of cornmeal bubbling over on my stovetop, has tormented me daily this week. The creamy looking but somewhat grainy consistency that sticks to the roof of your mouth has taken over my thoughts lately. I can see myself sneaking a taste from the wooden spoon used to stir the slow cooking concoction as I write this post.

Lucky for me I am past (or decided that I am) my childbearing years and I am not with child while craving this food or as old Italian folk superstition goes; my poor baby would be cursed with a mark on it’s body…dare I not satisfy the craving.

Baby or not, I have decided to reward myself with this traditional Northern Italian cuisine and take the opportunity to share some of the recipes I have come across on this blog.

polenta pizza crust </p



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