Labor Day: My Tribute to the Defender of the Laborer.

Delores Huertes

Happy Labor Day, American workers and beyond!

Today, as I reflect what the meaning of this holiday truly means, in addition to it being of one of the final days of my community service that involves fulltime feeding frenzies, entertaining, chauffeuring and refereeing two teenagers with a strong sense of entitlement, but who’s whining?

I did some “digging” and found a little gem or rather a big diamond in the rough named Delores Huerta.

In my research for some quick answers, before the house becomes a hotel with high maintenance clients beckoning for my services, I discovered a role model and super-hero for the rights of the working man.

A woman after my own heart; defender of the immigrant man and the farm laborer, Delores Huerta, born April 10, 1930 in the mining town of Dawson,New Mexico was inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame for 2012. “>

This unsung hero dedicated her life to helping the men and women who harvest America’s fields and has been an activist for migrant farm workers since the early 1960’s.

She organized a national grape boycott protesting the dangers of pesticides on grape pickers, which encouraged and required the entire California grape industry to recognize and revamp their practices. Huerta successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements for farm workers to secure better wages and working conditions in the state of California.

By orchestrating non-violent protests she demonstrated that workers have the power and responsibility to work together in to improve their lives.

Huertes is also an advocate for world peace and the rights of immigrants, women, minorities, at-risk youth and LGBT Americans.

I am in awe and the only thought I could muster is “You go girl”!

I have included some links of interest for Delores Huerta and the Department of Labor for you to look at after the barbeque and beach outing, of course!


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