Eggplant Timbale

eggplant timbale italiancitygirl

Yes! It is as delicious and intriguing as it looks!

Not a big fan of the infamous eggplant parmigiana as my Italian family and friends claim. So when I spotted this eggplant appetizer on the menu of the Dogtooth Bar and Grill, one steamy, summer night,in Wildwood, New Jersey,  the timbale tower peaked my interest.

Before you cast me as an imposter Italian, let me explain: while I enjoy the cheese and fried/baked eggplant, I don’t care so much for the red sauce the  eggplant parmigiana usually swims in. (I said it, but I will deny this statement to my nonna…or any nonna for that matter)

The romantic in me always knew there was a soulmate out there, with exactly the same taste! Could someone else have developed an affinity for fried eggplant and cheese sans all the red stuff? I am in love with eggplant, all over again!

The eggplant timbale is my new way of eating this all too familiar and (maybe somewhat over done) nightshade vegetable.

This dish from the appetizer section of the Dogtooth’s menu is served stacked on a bed of arugula with a balsamic vinegar reduction oozing down the sides to complement the greens. Sandwiched in between the eggplant is a slice of buffalo mozzarella and a brush stroke of tomato marinara to adhere each layer.

The Dogtooth itself is a funspot for the shore crowd with its medley of craft beers and mixed concoctions to quench your thirst as well as some interesting bar and grill food to satisfy the munchies for lunch and dinner. Host to different summer bands and activities such as Karaoke and other musical games, it is as entertaining as it will be satisfying!

I consented to eating there with friends, because I liked the name (big time dog lover-here) but have since returned for the always-friendly service and good food.

Don’t take my word for it! Check out their website for more information:<


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