La Cucina

At the Table one does not age

Original content and semblance of a poem
By Rita Christine

The kitchen is
A respite for the early morning riser.
Peaceful haven to the coffee lover.
Where ancient secret family formulas are revealed.
And Recipes are resurrected and revered.
There, meals are shared and memories kept.
In my case it is where my husband proposed. He gave me the ring over the kitchen stove. (Poor man will never live this one down)
The space that can “seal the deal”, according to the real estate industry.
While a source of pleasure for some, a prison sentence for others (think 1950’s housewife)
A gathering point for the traditional, non or blended family.
The perimeter where the table and chairs align.
Discussions and disagreements arise.
Bread dough bakes.
Homework is exchanged.
Dreams are born.
And nourishment is found.
Our happiness is shared and heartbreak is consoled.
while the most utilized area in the house
is the kitchen.


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