Ten items you should absolutely always have to throw a fabulous appetizer party for any season.

Check out these no-fail party planning accessories.

Check out these no-fail party planning accessories.

Before you have a chance to store your beach umbrella and chairs, the season of celebration will creep up and sting you like bad sunburn, if you are not prepared!

Do holiday parties have you in a tizzy and turning your ringer off to avoid the dreaded question from relatives…your house or mine?     Don’t stress! Appetizer, finger-foods, or tapas affairs are all the rage.

Don’t get caught without these simple accessories you will need to throw a shindig everyone will envy!

Cork Screws-The old-fashioned, cheap kind, work just as well as the fancy ones. Keep a few, this beverage apparatus is like scissors; you can never find one when you need it.

Cocktail forks-Handy little instruments (shown above) are more cost effective than plastic ware and greener! Once the initial purchase is made, you will always have them to pass out and enjoy messier finger foods. Word of caution-they are not garbage disposable friendly and check your guests’ pockets before they leave! Much admired and coveted!

Cheese spreaders/cheese cutters-These mini utensils come in different designs. I always keep a half-dozen of them–they are priceless for wine and cheese pairings.

Tongs-Mini tongs are easier to store and extremely useful for serving hot hors d’oeuvres. They work well for picking up bread slices and crackers. Even your more germ phobic friends will have no problem with eating among when these devices are close by.

utensil drawers 2 - Copy

Cutting boards-They are the ultimate serving tray and can even make Oreos look like a gourmet food. I buy these in different sizes and layer them to give depth to my appetizer table. Butcher blocks of wood make great serving boards and will last even longer than your desire to party.

cutting board revised

Appetizer plates-I double duty these handy 4 x 4 simple square, white plates (good for any occasion) for appetizers and desserts. They are the perfect size for a mini meal. I own at least 50. They stack in a few neat piles and take up very little room.

app plates

Wine glasses-Plain or fancy, never enough of these to go around? I mix my glasses for an eclectic look and because let’s face it–it is not a party without a glass or two (depending on the crowd you hang with) getting broken or a finding a few chards of glass underfoot the next day.

Buy cheaper versions and store in their boxes so you may whip them out before your next event; afterwards store them right back in the boxes. Word of Caution–do not let tipsy partner wash glasses until sober the next day.

two wine glasses

Cake serving plates-They are not just for cakes! Use. Use. Use. I adore vintage and new cake stands and if it was not for my family infamously breaking one per year I would have a cabinet supply full of them.

cake plates

Paper cocktail napkins (not shown)  A must to fit the occasion. Inexpensive enough to buy them on the off season and can store unused packages for the next year or party!

Shaker-Indispensable for making the perfect drink. The foodie in me tends to ignore the bar gear-I leave that job to the bar-fly in the crowd. But with a jigger (not shown) and a shaker(shown above) drink recipes are a no brainer.


ADD-good friends, family, food and drink-I guarantee you–your guests will beg for an encore!


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