Summer comfort food…Crabs and Spaghetti

ICG crabs pic

Guess what we had this week with family and good friends at the Jersey shore?

The summer would not be complete without my husband making this dish at least once during the season of sun!  Add some baby clams, along with the crabs  in a spicy marinara sauce and this definitely makes for a finger sucking good time and some heavenly bread dipping!

This year,  he added a new pasta– perciatelli (not pictured) a hollow tubular pasta, that looks similar to spaghetti, just thicker. The hearty strands can handle meat or fish toppings and complement almost any type of sauce.

So, a couple of dozen crabs, one dozen clams and three pounds of pasta, along with fresh, crusty Italian bread fed the small army of family and friends; while the wine and beer kept the conversation flowing!


4 thoughts on “Summer comfort food…Crabs and Spaghetti

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