Rice Balls Tweaked.

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Arancini di Riso

The rice croquettes that Sicilians consume for a snack! This mouth watering fried food takes some patience to master. It is definitely not for the weak of will. At times I have been known to botch a whole batch of this temperamental delight of an appetizer or full meal, depending on how many you can stuff down!

The task of creating the perfect rice ball failed me for quite some time. The delicious risotto treats would fall apart or snowball from the perfect mouth popping appetizer to a dinner entrée with guests requesting doggie bags for their leftovers. I finally gave up on hand stuffing each individual ball with the meat and pea filling. One day, in a moment of fury, tired of stressing over the girth of this Italian delicacy, I mixed all the ingredients together to form a golf ball sized arancini (rice balls) for my guests to enjoy.

Jasmine rice is best used for this melody of rice, cheese, meat and peas, while some use Arborio rice. The traditional recipe calls for ground beef, peas and mozzarella stuffing. When it comes to cooking I have been known to live dangerously and am not afraid to experiment. Sometimes it even works to my advantage, I have made broccoli and cheddar rice balls that have the pickiest of eaters wanting more!


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